Effekten af digitalisering af kultur- og videnressourcer

En ny rapport udarbejdet for JISC af Oxford University Consulting undersøger effekten af digitaliseret kulturarvsmaterialer. Rappportens lidt lange titel er: Splashes and Ripples: Synthetizing the Evidence on the Impact of Digital Resources.
Blandt rapportens anbefalinger til institutioner, der vil digitalisere fra deres samlinger, er følgende:
1. Plan ahead to measure impact.
2. Use the media to your advantage.
3. The media and the public are influenced by numbers and metrics.
4. Make your resource easy to find.
5. Give your resource an unambiguous name and acronym/initials.
6. Create quick wins.
7. Leverage your wins.
8. Make resources easy to navigate without sacrificing functionality.
9. Adopt Cool URIs (i.e., human-readable web addresses).
10. Provide automatic citations that are easy to copy or download.
11. Provide the ability to export citations.
12. Create training materials using examples from real research.
13. Make teaching materials available.
14. Consider allowing users to comment on or modify items (with care).
Rapporten kan downloades i rapportarkivet
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