LERU roadmap for Research Data

En arbejdsgruppe under LERU (League of European Research Universities) har udsendt et Roadmmap for udviklingen vedrørende universiteternes håndtering af forskningsdata.

Indledningen til rapporten, der i øvrigt indeholder en række vægtige anbefalinger, gengives her:

The LERU Roadmap for Research Data represents a recognition that LERU universities now work in an era of data-driven science. The Royal Society report Science as an Open Enterprise,1 co-ordinated by Professor Geoffrey Boulton from the University of Edinburgh, has set the tone of debate and the direction of travel for LERU members.

It is also important to note the linkage between Research Data Policy, Technology and Support. To promote conscious and successful use of research data, these three aspects should be offered simultaneously to researchers. Projects that merely focus on one or two of these aspects are doomed to fail, as well as projects where policy, support and services are not aligned. A co-ordinated and parallel approach is therefore crucial.

This Advice Paper was requested to be written by the LERU Rectors in the realisation that research data, and the prospect of open data, is an issue on which LERU universities need to take a position. Opportunities for alleviating societal problems can be enhanced by researchers sharing their data.2 It is therefore obvious that LERU members need to act. In 2011, the LERU community of Chief Information Officers produced a Roadmap for Open Access to publications3 ratified by the LERU Rectors.

Now, the CIO Community has produced a second Roadmap, this time for research data. This Roadmap looks at the challenges posed by research data in seven chapters, which concentrate on issues such as policy, leadership, research data infrastructure, costs, advocacy, description and legal issues, skills, roles and responsibilities. Through selected case studies and examples from LERU universities, it is possible to see how individual LERU members are tackling these challenging issues.

The resulting Roadmap, like its predecessor on Open Access to research publications, presents a series of blueprints which LERU members, indeed any European university, could use to begin to tackle the challenges which research data poses. It also has a series of messages for researchers, research institutions, support services and policymakers.

Paul Ayris (UCL)
on behalf of the LERU Research Data Working Group
December 2013

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Michael Cotta-Schønberg