Call for Proposals DFFU-LIBER 2023

This call for proposals is jointly commissioned by DFFU, the Danish Research Library
Association, and LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries (hereafter
Commissioners), to find a competent consultant agency (hereafter Consultant) for
conducting a study titled:

Public-Private Partnerships and Collaborations in the Context of Library Technology:
A Landscape Analysis in Denmark 2023

Library operations build on diverse technologies and technological products, ranging from
library management systems, indexing and discovery tools to digital repositories and
archives as well as publication platforms. In Denmark, the most used library systems
platform is the commercial ExLibris product Primo/Alma and all universities and educational
libraries use the commercial CRIS/RIMS named Pure from Elsevier. With research data
management (RDM), the first steps towards a national solution based on the open source
solution Dataverse from Harvard University are under construction. However, the
assumption is that Danish research, academic and educational libraries primarily use
commercial solutions for library operations.
At the same time, libraries’ existing services and practices are challenged by the rapid
emergence of digital innovations and increasing automation. These changes in the
technological landscape may also offer new opportunities and roles for libraries. Therefore
the Commissioners’ strategic goal is to help their member libraries better address this new
era by taking a proactive part in the transformation and building state-of-the-art services for
their patrons. Instrumental for achieving this goal can be successful and sustainable publicprivate partnerships and collaborations with library technology providers.
For these reasons, the Commissioners are launching this study, which an external
consultant agency will execute.

Find the Call for Proposals here.