ICOLC i protest imod de internationale videnskabelige forlag

Den 22. juli har også den internationalebiblioteksforenings-forening  INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF LIBRARY CONSORTIA (ICOLC) offentliggjort en protest imod de internationale videnskabelige forlags forsøg på at begrænse interurbant udlån af digitale artikler:
“A recent statement by the International Association of Scientific Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) advocates a set of new guidelines for document delivery (http://www.stm-assoc.org/industry-news/stm-statement-on-document-delivery/). While intellectual property laws vary from country to country, STM’s approach would radically alter well-established library practices that advance knowledge, support scholarship, and are compliant with current copyright laws. The STM recommendations are in conflict with widely held principles that provide a copyright exception for interlibrary loan (ILL) activities. The regime anticipated by the STM statement would place unfair restrictions on researchers’ access to information. In particular, ICOLC contends that:
1. interlibrary loan, under existing principles and laws, is consistent with the three-step test of Berne;
2. cross-border deliveries are adequately and appropriately governed by current copyright law;
3. digital document delivery directly to an end-user is best coordinated through the end-user’s library or community of learners;
4. libraries are able to deliver on-site articles to library walk-up patrons in any format, including both digital and print;
5. current copyright law appropriately places the burden on the library user to affirm that the documents they receive are for private, non-commercial use.
The ICOLC strongly supports IFLA’s Draft Library Treaty, Article 7, which states “It shall be permissible for a library or archive to supply a copy of any work. . . lawfully acquired or accessed by the library or archive, to another library or archive for subsequent supply to any of its users, by any means . . . provided that such use is compatible with fair practice as determined in national law” (http://www.ifla.org/files/clm/publications/tlib.pdf). See also ARL’s statement clarifying legal protections afforded to libraries for national and international ILL use (http://publications.arl.org/rli275/18), and related documents (http://publications.arl.org/rli275/4 and http://publications.arl.org/rli275). “