Liber om copyright-reform

Liber (den europæiske forskningsbiblioteksforening) har udsendt et statement om copyrightreform.

Hovedprincipperne i en sådan reform bør, ifølge Liber, være følgende:

LIBER has set out its position on European copyright reform through a statement which prioritises three high-level principles.

“The principles are:

  1. Copyright should foster, not hinder, innovation and competitiveness.
  2. Access to and use of publicly funded research should not be unduly restricted by copyright.
  3. Preservation of, and access to, cultural heritage must be supported by copyright exceptions.

Our Position Statement on Copyright in the Digital Age  (view online or as a PDF) is intended to help guide LIBER members in responding to the European Commission’s public consultation on the review of EU copyright rules. It highlights the areas where major reform is needed from the perspective of research libraries.

Through the European Commission’s consultation, libraries have a unique opportunity to make real and meaningful changes to the European copyright framework. They can provide a holistic picture of how the current copyright regime is preventing libraries from providing equitable access to information and stifling the progress of research and innovation in Europe.

LIBER will be responding to the consultation and calls on each of its members to help progress copyright reform by sending their own views to the European Commission. It is important that as many individuals and institutions as possible respond to the consultation. There is much to be gained in instigating copyright reform in Europe and equally much to be lost if librarians do not speak up on behalf of their institutions and the users they support.

In early 2014, LIBER will provide further support to libraries by outlining important aspects to consider when responding to specific questions within the consultation.”

Michael Cotta-Schønberg