Ti teknologiske toptrends i 2014


IEEE har offentligjort sin oversigt over teknologiske toptrends  i 2014.

De er:


1. Emergence of the Mobile Cloud: Mobile distributed computing paradigm will lead to explosion of new services.
2. From Internet of Things to Web of Things:Need connectivity, internetworking to link physical and digital.
3. From Big Data to Extreme Data: Simpler analytics tools needed to leverage the data deluge.
4. The Revolution Will Be 3D:New tools, techniques bring 3D printing power to masses.
5. Supporting New Learning Styles:Online courses demand seamless, ubiquitous approach.
6. Next-generation mobile networks:Mobile infrastructure must catch up with user needs.
7. Balancing Identity and Privacy: Growing risks and concerns about social networks.
8. Smart and Connected Healthcare:Intelligent systems, assistive devices will improve health.
9. E-Government: Interoperability a big challenge to delivering information.
10. Scientific Cloud Computing:Key to solving grand challenges, pursuing breakthroughs.

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Michael Cotta-Schønberg